The Dive Box Freediving Safety Buoy is a compulsory diving gear to have when Freediving. It measures 75 x 22cm and is made out of Denier Ballistic Nylon 1000 and a separate inner air cell made out of Denier 210 with TPU backing. This maximises its durability and prevents it from potential damages caused by abrasion against rocks.

The brightly colored external shell includes a bright white that runs across the float, allowing it to be seen from a distance and able to grab the attention of any nearby boats or scuba divers. It is essential to get the Divers Below flag as well to ensure additional safety.

The zips are made from the renowned YKK Coil 10 which are not only easy to operate but also highly resistant against salt water corrosion.

It utilises a convectional BCD over pressure valve which is commonly used in scuba diving BCDs. As such, it allows for the flexibility of exchanging or repairing this specific part separate from the overall buoy. The Buoy also uses a No Lock Inflation Connector which allows the ease of inflation by simply connecting it to a Scuba diving BCD inflator hose. This will inflate the float almost immediately and the flexibility of engaging and disengaging the BCD inflator hose anytime prevents the buoy from over-inflating.

Freedivers can also choose the appropriate length of the down line which is sold separately. These down lines come in different options as well depending on the different depths you are attempting to achieve.

Before purchasing, please ensure that you are freediving certified!

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Dive Box Freediving Safety Buoy

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