Oceanarium Dive Bags

Founded by Alice Au, an avid scuba diver based in Hong Kong, Oceanarium is one of the few popular brands out there that delivers some of the best dive gears out there today. The company started off with uniquely designed diving mask straps which established itself as a brand to be revered in the diving industry.

Today their line of products include some of the best diving regulator bags out there which are designed to cater to both male and female scuba divers. Scuba divers here in Singapore absolutely adore their products for its durability, creativity and lifestyle centric designs.

Oceanarium today aims to be the creative forefront of scuba diving accessories and souvenirs, promoting the love for the underwater world through its well designed products.

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Oceanarium Dry Bag 15 Litre

Oceanarium Dry Bag 15 Litre

Oceanarium has always been a popular brand amongst divers in Singapore, especially for their unique ..

SGD 36

Oceanarium Regulator Bag

Oceanarium Regulator Bag

Add some fun and colourful designs to your dives, instead of boring regulator bags! Oceanarium regul..

SGD 47

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