Oceanic Diving Fins

Founded in 1972, Oceanic has constantly been innovating, designing and testing new products everyday to improve every diver's experience.

Oceanic Scuba Diving Fins are equipped with PEV Propulsion Enhancing Vents that speed water over the fin blades, allowing for greater propulsion speed and improved energy efficiency. Apart from that, each fin is designed to provide a refined amount of durability and quality, making them popular amongst Singaporean divers and divers from all over the world.

Check out our offerings on Oceanic Scuba Diving Fins below. If you are looking for more options, we have a wider catalog of Diving Fins available that are tailored to your diving needs.

Oceanic Accel Diving Fins

Oceanic Accel Diving Fins

The Oceanic Accel Diving Fins are perfect for divers who want an extremely compact pair of fins. It ..

SGD 110

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