Problue Apnea Snorkel is lightweight, low profile, and is made out of flexible material. It is a simple J tube design, that free divers commonly use. It comes with the retainer, but some free divers remove it and tuck it under their mask strap.

The silicone mouthpiece is comfortable, and the snorkel can be folded when necessary. Scuba diving professionals that need to use a snorkel, will also like the Problue Apnea Snorkel, as it can be folded and stowed neatly in the BCD pocket.

The bright orange tip allows surface support to spot the free diver better too.

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Problue Apnea Snorkel

  • Brand: Problue
  • Product Code: PB-Apnea-Snorkel
  • Availability: In Stock
  • SGD 12

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