The Buzz Behind Leaderfins’ Diving Fins

One of the bigger names in the industry, Leaderfins offer some of the best diving fins out there. With a wider range of diving fins spanning from finswimming, lifesaving, and freediving, the brand is well coveted by many professional divers from around the world, including athletes that compete at the greatest of underwater sports tournaments known. 

Supported by a group of passionate scuba divers and scuba gear experts with experience in fin production for more than 30 years, their diving fins come in high-quality fibreglass and hand-laminated multilayer mixture of resins and other chemicals, vacuum processed in special moulds to produce a diving fin of great durability.

Leaderfins provide a plethora of diving fins to its customers who delve in spearfishing, freediving, finswimming, rescue & lifesaving as well as for underwater games. 

In terms of fins and blades, Leaderfins is best known for its wide range of Bi Fins. Bi Fins as its name suggests, are two separate, unconnected single-foot diving fins. It comes in a range of designer colorways and materials ranging from carbon, carbon fibre and fibreglass. 

Leaderfins Designer Edition Ink Bi Fins – S$275

On the other hand, the brand also offers Stereoblades – which come in a range of carbon, carbon fibre and epoxy resin in both standard and short lengths – as well as monofins which as its name suggests as well, consist of a single or linked surface attached to both of the diver’s feet, resembling that of a dolphin. More common in finswimming and freediving,

Leaderfins Ocean Pure Carbon Stereoblades – Image Source

In addition to the already well designed fins available, Leaderfins also offer fins from their designer corner. These are fins that are well designed with various patterns, catering to scuba divers who prefer a more creative touch to their scuba gear. From designs such as the Mermaid Galaxy Semi-Transparent Bi-Fins to the Liquid Marble Semi-Transparent Bi-Fins, each fin is well designed for every diver that adds a layer of personalisation on top of its already outstanding utility.

What Other Divers Have To Say About The Brand

From divers all over the world, Leaderfins’ products are generally well enjoyed by the masses. From regular scuba divers to the more technical and professional freedivers, many have celebrated their attention to detail and creativity. 

Scuba divers often applaud their diving fins for their underwater performance such as efficiency when it comes to kicking as well as offering great propulsion to effort ratio. On top of that, the diving fins are of great quality as they are extremely durable and versatile.

Leaderfins also offer great customer service to its customers such as offering online support on their website.

Selecting Your Leaderfin Diving Fins

When it comes to selecting any diving fin, not particularly Leaderfins, divers should always consider the utility of the fin. For instance, in the case of freediving, scuba divers may want to consider utilising Bi Fins as it offers a great amount of propulsion and kicking efficiency.

Monofins on the other hand maybe for divers looking to challenge themselves with an unconventional way of diving. On the flipside, monofins also offer a great amount of propulsion and may be suitable for divers who are looking to travel long nautical distances.

On top of this, Leaderfins also provide care and maintenance guides on their website for divers who are looking for additional information on how to care for their products after purchase.


All in all, the brand is not to be missed and if you are a diver looking for an upgrade or a new pair of fins, we strongly recommend checking them out. For more information, do browse our online store on Dive Box Singapore for our range of Leaderfins available now.


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