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Hybrid BCDs

Hybrid BCD - Buoyancy Compensator Device is a fusion of both the rigid backplate wing system and a conventional Jacket BCD. It can be of a wing design or back inflation air cell. Back inflation systems have the benefits of streamlining the front, being less prone to air trapping in certain areas, and better stability by supporting the cylinder while diving.

Hybrid BCD with wing, will still enjoy the benefits of using a wing, but with a much well-padded backpack and shoulder pads. These are great for divers who worry about the backplate system's discomfort. Do also bear in mind with more comfort cushions and pads on the system which means it is slower to dry and can be on the buoyant side as compared to the backplate and wing system.

Back-inflated Hybrid BCDs tend to be purchased by divers who worry that a wing will tip them forward. This is not true with proper positioning, but divers still like them for other features these BCDs have.

Hybrid BCD comes in sizes, and has quick-release buckles all over, which makes the system easy to put on and remove.

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