Jacket BCD

We offer some of the best brands of Jacket BCD for any diver out there.

Jacket BCD has been around forever. These replaced the Horse Collar BCD in the diving industry. Jacket BCD are a proven system for decades, and many divers took their Open Water Class with this, though diving organisations are moving towards Backplate Wing Systems even for their entry classes. 

Jacket BCD comes in sizes, and cummerbund to secure the waist. They often have accessory pockets, integrated weight pockets, and quick-release buckles. Jacket BCD usually also has integrated Octopus hose holders, and sockets to attach a BCD Dive Knife.

Browse our wide range of Jacket BCDs below today!

Scubapro Equator

Scubapro Equator

The Scubapro Equator was designed primarily for the traveling diver that needs a lighter BCD that is..

SGD 680

Scubapro Go

Scubapro Go

New for 2022 is the new Scubapro Go Quick Cinch BCD. A true travel Diving BCD, the GO is lightweight..

SGD 725

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