Miflex Hoses

Miflex Hoses

About Miflex Hoses

Once spotted on our dive trip to Portofino Italy, Miflex Hoses are dive hoses that are light but tough and are able to be packed comfortably into bags. Miflex has grown in popularity over the years with larger brands stocking them. The brand has been backed by many others for the benefits they have brought to the diving community.

As a result of their popularity, there has been a rise in counterfeit replicas in the diving market. These counterfeit products are common sold without packaging or poor packaging with poor durability. We highly encourage getting Miflex Hoses from your trustworthy retailers only.

What are the different types of Miflex Hoses we carry?

We carry authentic Miflex Xtreme Hoses in all colours, popular lengths and types which are widely used by recreational, technical and side mount divers today. Browse through our extensive catalog of Miflex Hoses down below!

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