Diving Regulators You Do Not Want To Miss Out On In 2021

With the likelihood of international borders reopening soon, divers all around the world are frantically upgrading their arsenal to hit the waters again. Diving equipment like scuba diving regulators are on the rise, both in popularity and capabilities with brand new products coming in month after month, each with a greater potential than the previous. In this article, we will share and discuss some of the more popular diving regulators around for the year of 2021.

Apeks MTX-RC

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Combining rugged, military grade engineering with effortless breathing experience, the Apeks MTX-RC scuba diving regulator is certainly one not to be missed. Not only does it feature the same freeze-resistant technology as with the whole MTX-R range, the MTX-RC resists free-flows in the coldest of temperatures while giving users the additional flexibility to adjust the settings for a more comfortable breath in less extreme conditions.

It uses an innovative first stage design that protects the diving regulator from freezing and a full set of user controls on the second stage to adjust the breathing performance based on the diver’s individual needs.

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Scubapro MK19 EVO BT G260 Carbon BT

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The Scubapro MK19 EVO Black Tech G260 Carbon Black Tech is one of the newest, most premium diving regulators to date for 2021. It is an absolute must buy dive gear for all Scubapro fans!

It delivers beyond superior durability with a premium carbon fibre front cover which not only lightens the diving regulator by a sheer 24 grams from the standard G260 second stage but also gives it a premium gloss carbon fibre finish.

Its first stage is compact and lightweight being a Balanced Diaphragm. The swivelling turret with 5 ports eases the in hose routing for both back mount doubles and this is perfect for Side Mount diving.

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Atomic Aquatics T3

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The Atomic Aquatics T3 is the signature diving regulator from Atomic Aquatics. It is a high end, premium diving regulator with an advanced, patented airflow control system. It is extremely lightweight, corrosion free and extremely easy to travel around with, making this the perfect diving regulator for scuba divers looking to travel and dive at secluded spots without having to bring a huge baggage.

The first stage is made from solid titanium and the second stage comes with a black PVD coating. It has two high and five low pressure ports and it provides an optimal breathing resistance at all depths. It uses a unique environmental seal that allows for divers to use at dirtier and colder waters as it is also upgraded with the Christo-Lube MCG 111 which prevents it from freezing.

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Scubapro MK25 EVO A700 Carbon Black Tech Regulator

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The Scubapro A700 Carbon Black Tech is one of the most premium high-performance diving regulators to date. Not only does it have the best-breathing reg in Scubapro’s line, but it is the leader in advanced design and materials and is the toughest in terms of high tech durability.

Its casing is full metal to take advantage of the extremely high heat exchange rate that makes this second stage such a great choice for cold-water diving. The screw down front cover is hand-made out of carbon fibre - the same material you find on aircrafts and high-speed race cars. It also makes it extremely lightweight and shock resistant.

Its air balanced valve technology and oversized exhaust valve work together with a well designed sectional exhaust tee, a first-rate purge and responsive user controls to create a tech-tough breather with effortless inhalation and an ease of exhalation that is unparalleled.

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