Gull Japan Diving Fins

Also known as Kinugawa from Tokyo, Japan, Gull Japan was founded in 1955 with the intention of making Japanese crafted Diving Equipment for "everyone who loves the sea". Their products are manufactured only by Japanese workers and are more tailored to the asian community.

"Kinugawa Quality" is a term used to demonstrate the high quality and reliable Dive Gear that they produce even till today.

Their Scuba Diving Fins are no exception to their excellent craft and attention to reliability and safety. Browse through some of their products below and if you are still unable to find what you are looking for, we have a wider catalog of Diving Fins tailored to your diving needs.

Gull Coco Fins

Gull Coco Fins

The Gull Coco Fin is an excellent choice for women or new comers to the sport of Scuba Diving. It is..

SGD 105

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