The Best Diving Masks to Get in 2021

When it comes to choosing the right diving mask for yourself, like with every other diving gear, there are a lot of considerations that come to mind.

Some of which include:

Selecting the right fit - One size does not fit all in most cases. Find a dive mask that you can adjust to fit your face perfectly. One that does not leave any gaps for water to enter, while making sure it is low volume too. You will also need to be able to pinch your nose to equalise confidently.

Material - The material will drastically affect one’s diving experience. Some materials are more lightweight than others while some are more durable which can last longer. Both might come at the expense of the other so choose wisely!

Budget - Like with everything else, you have to look at how much you are willing to spend. With a plethora of choices available out there, it is important to shortlist a few within your budget and weigh the pros and cons of each.

Look - Every scuba diver wants to look good. Some masks come in a more sleek design which may be more appealing to some. Although looks are important, always bear in mind that functionality comes first.

Corrective Lens Option - For some divers with eyesight problems, this is a huge consideration to look out for as masks with this option allows you to change out to your own lens. Always check with the dealer before purchasing.

Purge Valve - Not all masks have this but one with a purge valve allows you to clear the diving mask of any water instantly. However, the downsides are you get a flooded dive mask when it fails, and such designs are generally higher in volume to accommodate the exhaust.

That being said, here are some of the most popular and best reviewed diving masks out there that you certainly do not want to miss in 2021

Atomic Aquatics Venom Frameless Diving Mask

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The Atomic Aquatics Venom Frameless Diving Mask is an incredibly comfortable diving mask that stands out from its predecessor — the Venom — with its low-volume, hydrodynamic construction and exclusive Atomic “Wicked” styling. 

It features the Schott Superwite Ultraclear lens, ensuring the clearest of views for every scuba diver. It is also co-molded with two silicone materials in two levels of softness and features.

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Problue MS-A137 Frameless Mask

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The Problue MS-A137 Frameless Diving Mask is an extremely well built diving mask that is lightweight with super low volume yet providing an excellent wide field of vision.

Its liquid silicon skirt is enhanced for comfort and delivers a perfect fit for both male and female Asian faces. It also comes with a flexible buckle system attachment with facial movements. The design of the lens allows for easy reading of the pressure gauge, due to the aggressive tear-drop shape, and also wider side views, while keeping the inner volume low.

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Scubapro D-Mask

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The Scubapro D-Mask Diving Mask is one of the latest premium diving masks from Scubapro that is sleek in design, premium in nature and well-suited for all types of diving. Equipped with UV+400cut lenses that filter out high-energy visible (HEV) light as well as UV light, scuba divers can protect their eyes underwater while still being able to experience the natural beauty of the ocean.

This diving mask is the only premium mask that features an interchangeable lens system for optional optical lenses. This is especially useful for scuba divers with sight impairment.

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Scubapro Pro Ear 2000 Diving Mask

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The Scubapro Pro Ear 2000 Diving Mask is designed and developed specifically for scuba divers with ear issues and for those who want to keep their ears dry during dives. This is done through the high quality silicone and unique ear cups that help protect the user’s ears throughout the dive. Not only are the ears protected, hearing underwater is improved as well with the ear cups.

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Aqua Lung Sphera X (For Freedivers only)

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The Aqua Lung Sphera X is one of the highly rated Freediving Masks by freedivers all around the world. The Pleisol® lenses allows for a 180 degree wide angle field of vision while ensuring the view is not distorted, allowing freedivers to enjoy a panoramic dive.

The diving mask comes with an all new silicone skirt that stands out from its predecessor - the Sphera, an attractive lightweight frame and an easy to adjust buckle system for the mask straps.

Find out more about the Aqua Lung Sphera X


While every diving mask is unique in its own way, it is important to recognise its features before purchasing one.


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